Back in May I posted a Part 1 series for an artist named Mono the Ghost that focused on the first three videos out of a planned six part narrative.

This newest project is a story within a story, where we as the listener inhabit the perspective of someone who is being guided by the ghost of a woman in order to reveal tapes that give the details of her death.  Each new song, and thus each music video, represents a new tape where we receive various narratives and visuals explaining the death of the woman who is now identified as Mono.

Now that the all six video have been released, I will continue the story of Mono the Ghost as told through these final three tracks.  


We pick the story back up with the song “Lo Stab 7” where it is revealed that the villain known as Beastglove is actually the murderer of the girl Mono. It is then revealed that Beastglove frames Mono’s lover California for the murder and then executes him while staging his death as an accident. This video provides one of my favorite and most disturbing images of Beastglove as he dances against a starlight sky.

Moving onto the track “Thunderlung” we get to see a glimpse into the relationship of Mono and California following their respective deaths. While Mono is the first to die, it is revealed that she comes back as a ghost like entity and is able to communicate with California. She is then forced to watch from beyond the grave as the villain Beastglove executes California and Mono is left alone once again. My favorite image from this video shows Mono as a ghost dancing on top of a weathervane, an image that hints at the ability Mono has to partially control the weather.

The final video of the series “New Number One” actually takes us back to the beginning and gives us an origin for the Beastglove monster. Starting our as a jealous and abusive sheriff of the small town, he is killed by Mono and California but arises from the river bottom unscathed. It is her where his monstrous form and thirst for revenge are developed and by the end of the video we find that he takes yet another victim in the form of the listener of the tapes.


Overall this music paired with these extensive videos provides the pieces to an impressive project. When combined with the full streamable album “Tales From the Cradle Grave” this project becomes a full media experience with a singular focus of telling a horror themed narrative. Enjoy!