Mono the Ghost is a local artist here in Jacksonville, Florida that I have been following for some time now through various projects. What has always stood out about this artist to me is their pairing of a unique sounding industrial type of electronic music with striking visuals and an in depth narrative.

This newest project is a story within a story, where we as the listener inhabit the perspective of someone who is being guided by the ghost of a woman in order to reveal tapes that give the details of her death.  Each new song, and thus each music video, represents a new tape where we receive various narratives and visuals explaining the death of the woman who is now identified as Mono.

The videos below represent about half the story so far, covering the three songs: “Beastglove (feat. Corina Farmer)”, “Numbers”, and “Come Out Right Now”.  The imagery used combines influences of horror, westerns, and pulp noir to create a style that is gritty but also has a kind of sleek vibrancy, as if you are reading the pages of a horror themed comic book. The character design for the shadowy villain know as Beastglove is an aspect that really makes this project stand out as it is completely nightmarish and makes my skin crawl every time he is on screen.

I do not want to give too much of the story away before you have had a chance to watch the videos and discover it for yourself, but the artist did have this to say about the narrative:

 The ghost of an unusual girl with paranormal powers wants to communicate with you the listener from beyond the grave of how she and her true love really died in her small savage town. The truth is on the tapes.

I will follow up with a Part 2 once all the videos are released and dive deeper into the story that is told. In the meantime, watch the videos below and discover for yourself the tragic story of Mono the Ghost. Enjoy!