This week I wanted to pay tribute to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park following his death last Thursday. Each week I try to post a music video influenced by the horror genre which typically includes some type of monster, ghoul, or gore. Following this logic, it would have made perfect sense to post the music video for Linkin Park’s “Papercut” which features the band in a haunted room troubled by a number of different spirits. However, considering the circumstances of Bennington’s death, I would like to focus on a more realistic type of horror in this post. Over the years we have seen a continuous string of artist’s deaths involving substance abuse or deeply rooted mental health issues; including Robin Williams, Prince, Amy Winehouse, and most recently Chris Cornell. This is a true horror that millions struggle with everyday and it is devastating seeing another influential artist, family, and community that has once again been touched by this horror. So for this week’s pick, I am choosing “Breaking the Habit” off Linkin Park’s second album “Meteora”. This beautifully animated video tells the story of struggle, abuse, and suicide in a futuristic yet relatable world. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by this recent tragedy and we urge all our listeners and fans to seek help if you are struggling with some of these same issues.