This week I wanted to make good on a promise that I made on Episode # 103 and post a video from Jacksonville hometown heroes, Limp Bizkit. Luckily for me, our special guest Cesar was able to point out that Limp Bizkit did in fact have a horror themed music video for their single “Boiler” off their third album “Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water”. This video is all over the place and includes strange instances of sexual tension, action sequences, CGI, band performances, and even some scenes of full animation. As far as I can tell this video doesn’t really follow any kind of well developed narrative or idea, but really seems to just encompass a hodgepodge of various sci-fi and horror elements including cyborgs, aliens, demonic wall-crawly guys, decapitation, and maybe even a deep seeded hotdog/tentacle fetish.  In all honesty though, this song, this album, and this band are a huge guilty pleasure for me and watching this video was a great blast from the past. Enjoy!